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16659 13th Street NE
Buxton, ND 58218

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Phone: 701-847-2241
or: 701-746-6820
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Saving Buxton Bank is a project undertaken by a North Dakota non-profit organization initiated by Bobbi J. Hepper Olson, a local architect and historic preservationist, to save a rural gem located at 429 Broadway Street, Buxton, ND.

This is the last original storefront from Buxton's 1890's streetscape and its loss would be immeasurable. This building is a local and national landmark and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

This non-profit was created specifically to acquire, rehabilitate, preserve, and adaptively utilize the property known as the Buxton Bank. This joining between public and private sector will create a financially feasible project to save this irreplaceable gem.

With your help, this building, its unique interior fixtures, and a rich part of our history can be revitalized!

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